AURA: Scent the Memory


AURA is a social networking app providing a solution for users that would like to collect and share scents with others. When designing this app I followed the concept that physical distance should not prevent us from feeling close to those we care about. AURA is a new and innovative idea that will connect people in a new and exciting way.


Concept Idea

The technology has so far targeted mainly our sense of sight and sound. Either photo sharing platforms like instagram, VSCO, or text messaging platforms like Facebook, whatsapp. Most of our online communication is through sight, sound, but I found something crucial is missing. Something that connect us in a deeper way. something that is able to trigger human’s emotions right away. And that is how smell comes along. As we know that smell recalls memory more than any other senses can bring. 75% of our emotions are affected by our sense of smell. So my idea is to make smell digital.


Project Overview

This app collects smell and is able to generate scents we collected. People are able to share within the app and collect smells they like into their scent collections. Through this platform, people are connected through “our nose” to share our feelings and stories with another. In this case, smell serves as a photo, functions as a memory recorder.